The dynamic working practices of the modern organisation needs flexible solutions to storage, whether it be general freestanding cupboards, shelving, filing chassis or draws to moveable storage or a complete storage wall.

Ranges of cupboards, cabinets and pedestals combine seamlessly in practical widths, heights and depths, to allow adaptable workspaces to be configured and compatible with your office

Mobile racking can also be described as rolling racking or rolling storage.  High density storage systems are very effective in saving space, as they eliminate the need for several access aisles. The mobile shelves move along floor tracks, which means the space for only one aisle is needed.  Mobile storage systems can create up to 100% more storage capacity for your office filing or archiving needs than conventional static shelving.  This can be incredibly effective in terms of cost and function in any environment where a large amount of filing is required - from offices to archives, universities or libraries .  It can be manually, mechanically or electrically operated and can also be locked to create a secure storage facility.

offers a unique blend of modular space planning footprints with the flexibility of bespoke frontages, that are tailored to each customers needs.  WallSpace is individually designed to fit from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, maximising the amount of space available and the units can be designed to fit around elements within the building structure as well as keeping a fluid feel to the working environment.  This offers unlimited scope to create efficient storage systems in any office environment.

Bring your storage to life!
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