Office Space planning can be a very difficult task as you need more than just a great look. Creating the perfect office environment requires experience, exceptional design and detailed planning. There’s a lot to consider when creating an office layout, It’s not only about who sits where as there are certain requirements for different sections... Accounts, IT, Facilities and many more to consider. This is why we do a thorough analysis of your workplace needs: - square footage, desking, storage, meeting rooms, kitchens, air-conditioning, breakout areas, audio-visual, IT etc. Whilst at the same time we will enable you to create a modern, innovative interior whilst making the best use of the space available, making it functional, comfortable and inspiring.  We will provide drawings from start to finish so you can understand how it all fits in your new building, how it will look and how the new layout flows in reality.

Get it right and you have a new office that functions well and is fit for the future!

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