If your office chair and desk is affecting your health, then its time to think ergonomically

 What does Ergonomics mean?

Ergonomics comes from the Greek word ergon, meaning work, and nomoi, meaning natural laws.  It is a term used for the study of designing objects to be better adapted to the shape of the human body or to correct its posture.

These products are designed with your well being in mind.  Our expert service includes specialist assessments to ensure that people get the products they need for a comfortable and healthy working life.

We don't just supply great chairs, desks and equipment. We can help you with:

 Workplace DSE assessments
 Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) assessments
 Seating assessments for individuals with complex needs
 Specialist seating and ergonomic advice 
 Bespoke office chair design to meet specific requirements
 Office planning and design services
 Space planning and call centre solutions


Our service includes personal delivery and installation of seating and desking throughout the UK, and training in its use.

Make working easier on you!

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